Marius Hoffmann


Born 1981 in Weilheim, Germany. After a classical education and some years in the army, serving overseas, I studied Visual Arts and Fine Arts in Augsburg. Starting as a professional photographer, I came back to painting, drawing and printing, which have been my first love. Now I'm working as an artist and teacher, often influenced by postwar American abstract expressionism and the colorful and vibrant masterworks of German expressionism of the 1910s throughout the 1940s, which often bare some contradiction because of their inherit depression and sadness on the gone and upcoming wars.

ABOUT MY WORK: My oil paintings are mostly very colorful, dense and worked out layer by layer, which may take up to two years to complete. Despite of that the drawings are often very explosive, fast drawn and at the same time carefully, sensitively and well composed.


State Examination for Teaching Profession

Visual Arts

Graduation from State Institute, Visual Arts/ Teaching Degree, Augsburg

Graduation from State Technical School of

Visual Arts, Augsburg

2. Staatsprüfung

FL Seminar Schwaben Nord, 2013

1. Staatsprüfung

Staatsinstitut Abt. I

2011, Augsburg


Staatsinstitut Abt. I



Staatliche Fachoberschule – Gestaltung

2002, Augsburg


0821 8842 079

Blücherstraße 173

86165 Augsburg

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